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What happens if we do not sell any blankets?

Nothing! There are no fees or cost involved with the creation of the online page. Pages can also be re-launched at anytime if you want to try again in the future. Even if you only sell 1 blanket, you will still profit! 

Do I have to do an online page or can I order in bulk now?

If you are ready to order blankets up-front, please visit our order page to place a bulk order.

When will my online page be created?

As soon as we receive your request form, we will have your page created within 24 hours. We will contact you via email with the link, QR code, and images for spreading the word once completed.

Do we need to do anything after submitting the form?

Sell, sell, sell! We handle creation of the site, order fulfillment, and custom service - it is a very hands-off fundraising option, allowing you to solely focus on sales, marketing, and social media posts. After the fundraiser has completed (based on your end date) you will receive a profit check that is mailed out within 5-10 days.

When will we receive the money raised?

Payout checks are mailed out within 5 to 10 days after fundraiser completion. If you plan to run the fundraiser for more than 3 months, we offer monthly payouts as well. 

I want to make updates to my online page. What do I do?

Email us any time with changes you would like to make and we will have your page updated within an hour. 

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