Premium Thick Knit Custom Beanies!

Discover the perfect accessory for your team, school, or company with Team Throws' custom beanies. Our jacquard knit beanies come in both standard and thick-knit styles, featuring your embroidered logo and custom woven design. Starting at just $9 and with a quick turnaround of 20-25 days, our beanies are a fantastic choice for bulk orders as low as 100 units. Ideal for large-scale orders, they're not only a stylish addition to any uniform or merchandise line but also a brilliant option for impactful fundraising. Request complimentary designs and our team will create custom designs for your school or company today!

For free beanie design concepts, please email us directly at

Amazing Embroidery

We pride ourselves on the precision and vibrancy that bring your logos to life. Every stitch is a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensuring your design stands out with clarity and lasting impact. Perfect for showcasing team pride or school spirit, our beanies' embroidery is not just an embellishment; it's a statement of premium quality that resonates with every wear! Zoom in and see for yourself!

Direct Manufacturing

Profit Power

Dive into high-profit fundraising with our custom beanies, starting at just $9 each for orders of 100, with even more attractive price breaks for larger quantities. Schools typically sell these beanies at a price range of $15 to $25, which translates into a remarkable 67% to 178% profit margin. This substantial margin offers an excellent opportunity for schools to boost their fundraising efforts effectively while offering a product that everyone loves.

frequently asked questions...

Contact us today at or call us at (516) 823-6718. Thank you!

Can I submit my own design for the beanies?

Our beanies are 100% custom made - We can either create design concepts for you or you can submit your own design. Our team is always available to help create a custom design that represents your school or team spirit.
Are there limitations on colors or design complexity?
Our beanies are customizable with a very wide range of colors. However, extremely intricate logos may require some modifications to ensure quality production. If your logo is too complex to be embroidered, we offer a woven patch option at no additional charge.
What is the minimum order quantity for the beanies?
The minimum order quantity is 100 beanies and 50 per design if the embroidered logo is the same.
Can we order beanies without the pom?
Yes! We can create the beanies with or without the pom. The price remains the same for both options.
What is the turnaround time for beanie orders?
Our standard delivery time is 15 to 25 days from the order confirmation. Delivery time may vary during the holiday season as FedEx and UPS shipping times are impacted.
Do you offer free samples?

Yes! Our Team Throws Beanies samples are available and ship within 24 hours. Limit of 1 per customer. Thick knit samples are unavailable - only standard knit.

What is the suggested retail price for fundraising?
Most schools sell the beanies between $15 and $25, offering a significant profit margin for fundraising efforts.
What is your return policy on custom orders?
Due to the custom nature of our products, we cannot accept returns unless the product differs significantly from the approved design. 

Team Throws is a distinguished provider of custom fundraising items tailored for schools and teams. By seamlessly intertwining comfort with creativity, we enhance fundraising efforts and fan engagement, reinforcing our commitment to quality and trust.

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